Beach Medical Regenerative Health

What is Surcord®?

SurCord® is an injectable to aid in joint support and cushioning. Our minimally manipulated manufacturing process allows for the highest quality cord product on the market. It is cryopreserved to retain the natural properties and benefits of the umbilical cord.  SurCord® is derived from human umbilical cord which is a rope-like structure that connects the fetus to the placenta. Its benefits and properties provide a wide variety of therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine.

What are the Benefits?

SurCord® harnesses the natural properties of umbilical cord and is made without additional synthetic materials.

Cryopreserving the allograft preserves the tissue’s natural properties and benefits.

Umbilical cord tissues naturally contain hyaluronic acid.

The umbilical cord tissue has unique immunological properties that will not trigger immune rejection²

How is SurCord® Processed?

SurCord® is processed from donated umbilical cord tissue received from scheduled cesarean section. The tissue is then screened and tested to ensure safety and quality before processing. SurCord® is made using our patented Excellion® process, which retains the natural properties and benefits of the cord tissue. This allows us to manufacture the highest quality product on the market.

Is SurCord® Safe?

SurCord® is rigorously tested to ensure safety and quality. We pride ourselves on exceeding regulatory standards by performing additional infectious disease testing not required by the FDA. In addition, every lot is tested for sterility and endotoxin, prior to lot release for distribution.